This section is a little bit of a work in progress….

By day I help businesses find new clients using the internet, and I develop websites primarily using WordPress.  However I have always had an interest in Ethical Hacking and Programming so I have been teaching myself Java(Android), Python, Linux and Ethical Hacking.  I have dabbled in all of these for a while but decided recently to take things a little further.

I am a bit of a tech junkie.  I always have the latest smart-phone, tablet and gadgets.  I am constantly read up on what’s next.   I was building websites in Geo-Cities and AOL Pages before high-speed internet was widely available.  (Try building a website using dial-up sometime).  I have to have my devices connected (Home Security, Cameras, TVs, Phones, Computers), to each other and monitored….even though I thoroughly understand the inherent risks.  I learned HTML before it had a version number.

I have also been a trainer for several different companies.  One of the things that I have learned throughout my life is the best way to learn is by doing.  I prefer all types of learning methods..reading, videos, step by step tutorials but at the end of the day it doesn’t always sink in until I do it.

Why Did I Create This Site

The reasons I created this site are two-fold.  First I believe it will help me retain what I have learned, and possibly allow me to practice some of it.  Secondly I am hoping it may help others to learn as well.  It does seem that the tech world is heading towards mobile programming and IT security, and as such if you want to retain a decent paying job in tech you should acquire and practice these skills.


Throughout this site you will find posts about the different things I have learned.  For those posts there are a few assumptions I will be making.  Please note:

  • You are using a Windows computer (Windows XP or Higher) unless noted or it’s a post in the Linux category.
  • You have a basic knowledge of how to use that computer and the internet
  • You can perform simple math
  • You like penguins
  • You don’t work for the NSA or any other government entity although I fully expect that you are watching
  • You support Net Neutrality and are against SOPA, PIPA and other related bills
  • You give credit where credit is due