Install Python

So you want to program in Python. Great, so do I. Alright, I know some of the basics now which means it’s time to share the knowledge. To get started you first need to install Python on your computer. For this example I am going to use Python 3.3.5.

To get Python visit On this page you will see (as of this writing) 2 download options. One is for Python 2 and the other is for Python 3. We want version 3 as all of my posts and tutorials will be using Python 3. Downloads

Once the download is complete simply run the installation (msi) file. This will install Python and the default Python IDE. What’s an IDE you ask? Great question. IDE is short for Integrated Development Environment which just means it’s a shell you use to write your code. The Python package comes with an IDE called IDLE. There are plenty of other IDEs available but we will use IDLE as our IDE for Python.

Python in the Start Menu

That’s it…you’re ready to start programming. Learn to write your first program with my Hello World tutorial…as if that’s never been done before.